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SugarBrig™ Loofah Soap

SugarBrig™ Loofah Soap


All Natural Exfoliating Loofah Soap to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs between SugarBrig™ treatments.The result is a delightful shower or bath experience, you will love the way your skin feels! (Patchouli Esstienal Oil is $12.00)


To Exfoliate: Using a circle motion, starting from your shoulders down to your feet. Your feet and heels will feel rejuvenated, and did you know that the loofa is a vegetable, you might find one or two seeds in your loofa but no worries enjoy and start exfoliating so you do not get any ingrown hairs. Complete your SugarBrig™ Shower Experience with your SugarBrig™ Lotion!



Vegetable Glycerine Base, Vitamin E, Fragrance Oil

SLS and Paraben FREE

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