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Natural, Gentle 

Did you know that shaving and trimming causes your hair to regrow thicker and more coarse?


Waxing removes the hair against the natural direction causing breakage and leading to ingrown hairs.


These two methods of hair removal can reset all of the progress we have made at your SugarBrig™ appointments. The SugarBrig™ Strip Kit was created with this in mind!


We wanted you to be able to maintain your fine, sparse regrowth between appointments when an impromptu pool party, date night or quarantine quandary strikes!


Ours is the only kit that will give you similar results to being SugarBrig'd by one of our trained practitioners.

Based on the Art of Brigitte's Technique, our SugarBrig™ Strip Kit applies the paste against the hair, and removes the strip with the natural hair growth direction, just like we do in our salons!

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