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SugarBrig™ Strip Kit

SugarBrig™ Strip Kit


I’m telling you, you will not regret this amazing strip kit, the hair removal technique is unbelievable! You can start using this kit from age 9+ on your own, you’re not dealing with hot wax with petroleum or resin. Our SugarBrig hair removal kit is so natural you could eat it. Applied at room temperature, The application is applied very thin AGAINST the hair growth not feeling any pain at all, and flicking with the hair direction. This does not cause bruising and burning that often comes with store bought wax kits. Make sure you watch our video tutorial first.................... Have fun! You could also do your Patat™ which is more than a bikini.


Comes with Paste, Powder, Spatula and washable Cotton Strips


The perfect solution for hair removal between your SugarBrig™ Appointments. Visit the Strip Kit page for more information and a video tutorial.

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